LeadSM is ideal for students 18-25 years old who are graduating from high school; in college but not sure why; or college graduates who desire to have a season of life dedicated to God before they begin their careers. Interns should display a strong desire to allow God to shape their life and be currently seeking opportunities to grow, lead, and serve others within their community.

LEADsm Degree-Seeking Program:

During LEADsm, our students are given the opportunity to pursue a degree through Oral Roberts University, a division one regionally accredited University. Our academic partnership with ORU allows students to take degree classes on site and online while attending LEADsm. Students will take approximately 15 credit hours/semester. Interns will pay tuition directly to Oral Roberts University. Financial aid is available.

To discuss our special tuition rate please contact our office at 985-292-3147.

LEADsm Non-Degree Seeking Program:

The non-degree seeking track is for interns who will not take classes for credit at Oral Roberts University. Each intern will still receive a high level of ministry training and will be required to do academic level work, but will not receive college credit. Interns will pay program fee directly to Church of the King.

Program cost is $1,650 per year (Financial aid is NOT available).

There is a $50 non-refundable application fee. A $500 enrollment deposit should be submitted once you have made a final decision to attend LEADsm. The enrollment deposit goes toward your tuition and is due by the first day of class.


LEAD InternshipSM is a unique educational environment that will challenge you to know, understand, and defend a biblical worldview. Your academic experience includes enrollment in Oral Roberts University, a world-class college dedicated to preparing men and women for effective leadership and Christ-like servant hood.


Live on your own or with other LEADSM students in an apartment: You will be responsible for all of your living and personal expenses.


LEADSM students are required to have their own vehicles and valid drivers licenses. You will be driving from your home to the gym and the church daily, as well as many ministry opportunities and activities that are off-campus

Mission Trip:

This cross-culture adventure will spur you on to deeper self-discovery and a vibrant, influential faith as you reach out and serve others. Tuition does not cover the cost of the mission trip which is usually to Southeast Asia. Cost of mission trip is around $2500 per trip


Yes interns can work a part time job on Friday and/or Saturday. We ask that your job or school classes not interfere with your other commitments in LEADSM, as that is your priority. We will work with you to optimize your schedule.


The ten-month LEADSM experience is designed with the primary purpose of maximizing the spiritual, intellectual, physical and social growth of the students. It's much like giving a tithe of their lives to God. Therefore we require that they refrain from any pursuit of the opposite sex during the 10 months. This creates an environment which will foster the maximum personal growth which is the goal of LEADSM.

If I do not desire to enter full-time ministry, is LEAD InternshipSM still the place for me?

The goal of LEADSM is to disciple, train, equip, and launch single young leaders into the ministry to which they have been called. LEADSM is designed to bring forth the next generation of worship and creative arts leaders, pastors, teachers, missionaries, entrepreneurs, and business leaders. Some graduates with a call to serve in a local church may go on to pursue full-time occupational ministry. However, the goal is to produce followers of Christ who are equipped to lead and impact their world for Jesus in whatever field they are called.

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